Carlos Torano Noventa Santiago Robusto

This is a very beautiful looking cigar that I picked up at the local B&M. Love the band design. Smooth chocolate wrapper that is exceptionally firm.

First third
Initial blast of peppery spice and leather which quickly subsides into a smooth almost dry tasting and light flavored smoke. I was surprised at how much the flavor dropped off. Burn was good.

Second third
Still smoking smooth. Small amounts of pepper, leather, and cocoa flavors. The smoke is just very light and you want more from it. A bit of a tease.

Last third
Spice picks up and you can tell that it is a strong smoke but unfortunately a strong flavor is absent from the equation. Burned very well throughout with a good draw.

I prefer other Toranos over this blend. It was a strange combination to have a powerful smoke with such a light flavor…left me wanting more.

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